Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Until now, most people assumed using texting as their primary method of connecting to customers was too expensive and too complicated. We introduced the idea of Local Text Agents – they manage your text message marketing and you just run your business. Get started today in Tidewater, Virginia by calling (757) 337-2015  or (888) 354-2791.

Text Message Marketing is a Big Winner in the Restaurant Industry

Before Local Text Agents were available, restaurant owners and managers had to figure out how to use complicated text message software or pay huge fees to get access to programs that would send out text messages for them.

The idea of using a “shortcode” like 69696 was cost prohibitive and left for the big players in the industry – BUT NOW your local text agent can help you drive customers to your restaurant. They can help you plan a campaign that brings your loyal diners in when you need them.

What is repeat traffic worth to you?

SMS Marketing Increases Profits for Small Retail Shops and Local Service Providers – Virtually Any Industry

If you are like most businesses, you spend thousands prospecting for new customers. Unfortunately most businesses are still using the same methods they used a decade ago. Some are still spending a fortune on Phonebook Ads or Newspaper Advertising. Isn’t it time to update your prospecting and marketing to use the latest technology?
What are your advertising dollars worth to you?

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